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Award winning Music producer, composer, Sonic branding specialist and Educator


We invite you to experience first hand how the man they call 'CC' puts his signature on the world of Music


Craig Calhoun, the renowned funk bassist, Composer and Producer has experienced a wide range of cultures in his musical journey, from the lively San Francisco to historic Berlin and sunny Sydney. He was born in America but grew up in Germany due to his father's military service there. His dream of becoming a musician began when he envisioned himself on stage. This dream sparked a strong desire to learn the guitar, a desire fuelled by the music of Jimi Hendrix. Upon his family's return to California, Craig discovered his true calling when he saw someone playing SLAP bass. This inspired him to dedicate five hours daily to mastering the instrument. Craig's original music falls under his own genre, "EuroFunk". It's a unique blend of his early Afro American roots in Blues and Soul, combined with his exploration of Funk, Rock, and Improvised Groove. At just 19, his band landed a six-figure production deal. This deal paid each member $300 per week to create original music full-time. This opportunity provided Craig with the studio production skills he uses today in producing for Artists, composing for documentaries, games, animation, and releasing his own music. His performances feature original compositions from various phases of his long international career. He has had the privilege of performing with, recording, jamming, or opening concerts for iconic artists such as Santana, Joe Cocker, Kool & The Gang, The Supremes, Larry Graham of Sly & the Family Stone, Will Calhoun of Living Colour, Marcia Hines, John Farnham, Irwin Thomas, Jimmy Barnes, Renee Geyer, and more.

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