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The beginning:
During a lunch Deus cafe, an employee enthusiastically told me they were a big fan and had often been to many of my crowded shows. The cafe's manager, overhearing our conversation, expressed interest in featuring live music at their venue. I explained that my sole focus was on setting up concerts that aim to offer children an experience of live performances equal to their parents'. The venue would be both child-friendly and licensed, serving healthy food and offering excellent entertainment.


2010, Craig started an exciting project, setting up concerts for children that match the quality of live performances their parents enjoyed, concerts introducing children to top-notch live music.

The aim is to acquaint them with the music their parents cherished before having children, using the catchy phrase "Live Groove for Kids… they’re allowed to bring their parents”



The projects and concerts held on Sunday afternoons provided a thrilling experience for the whole family filling thedancefloor. Frequently, there were guest artists free from their usual work eagerly joining the excitement. This fostered a warm and inviting environment. It also inspired gifted children to give it a go.

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