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Craig "CC" Calhoun

Craig Calhoun is a multi-talented African-American born artist best known as the frontman and founding figure of the iconic Sydney funk band Craig Calhoun & the Brothers of Oz

Craig is known as Sydney's "Funkiest" a title that reflects his unparalleled passion and a career deeply rooted in the world of funk music, Craig's unique perspective on music can be witnessed in his #FunkSighting performances.

My Story

On Bass they call me "CC"

Born in the US and raised in a small village in Germany age 11-16, during my fathers military posting there.


In a dream I had I found myself on stage, rocking the audience. Upon waking, I wanted to transform the dream into reality! This led me to teach myself guitar, inspired by the legendary Jimi Hendrix.


Without knowing how to tune the guitar, I naively believed that mimicking the tuning knob positions from album covers would make me play like those artists... it took a while

When our family returned to California 1975, I witnessed someone playing the bass in a unique SLAP style, a style that only beginning to be heard. I instantly found my true passion and switched from guitar to bass.


While I was still in high school, I committed myself to practicing bass for five hours daily and performing at night clubs. Not long after I graduated, my band and I were fortunate enough to secure a production deal worth six figures. This allowed us to create and record our own music as our full-time job, earning a weekly salary that's twice as much as today's average.

At the age of 20, as I was working on our band's album at the famous Wally Heider Studio in San Francisco, I began to hone my abilities in both studio and live sound production. 

When I was 21, I bought a one-way ticket that took me back to Germany and subsequently, on a European tour with the supremes. After the tour, I moved to Switzerland before settling in Holland. My passions and talents there inspired me to produce and record projects, establish my own band named 'Future', organize concerts, as well as record, produce and tour with other renowned artists.

My journey took an exciting turn when I embarked on a European tour with Chris Hinze and special guest, Australian Jazz icon Don Borrows. This led to our Australian tour where we headlined the Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney Festivals, including a live broadcast from the Sydney Opera House.  click here

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