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Craig Calhoun - Live Trailer

Craig Calhoun & The Brothers of Oz - Live in Byron Bay, Australia

The Beach Hotel in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia  

Every Child Needs Love - Craig Calhoun

Live @the Basement, Sydney Australia

From the album - Confessions of an Action Hero

Won't be too long -

Live @the Basement, Sydney Australia 

From the album Confessions of an Action Hero

Jaro - Game theme

Composer and FX sound design - Craig Calhoun,  Opening Theme for Jaro strategy game

Street Football Cartoon animation: Theme

Theme music composed by Craig Calhoun, Lyrics Alexander Calhoun

Street Football - The World Cup of Street Football

The kids organise a Street Football World Cup with the help of a former professional footballer thus attracting players from all around the world and becoming famous worldwide.

Wakkaville Cartoon Theme

Opening theme for the animated cartoons series Wakkaville

The "Sound of Colour" - Travel images

The Sound of Colour, is the result of a truly collaborative process between Christine Bull and Craig Calhoun

Christine’s images are spontaneous responses to whatever her surroundings might present,  so inspired by Christine’s images Craig began to paint them in music, responding to each image in his own unfettered, diverse style. This distinctive match of unique music written for these images evoked a strong emotional response.

Sound of Colour - Jetset Travel

The incredible images of Christine Bull of "Caught in Colour" set to music by Craig Calhoun

Pulse Music Video channel

One of the early Music Video programs on Australian cable TV "ARC MUSIC"

TC Electronics "Voice Live Rack" Demo

Craig Calhoun demonstrates the power of the "TC Voice Live" Vocal harmoniser.

Zoom G1X Guitar pedal - Speaker simulation

Craig demonstrates the speaker simulator in the Zoom G1X Guitar Pedal

Shack Life - Documentary

Shack Life depicts the unique shack communities in the Royal National Park south of Sydney. Established in the 1930s as places where people survived the rigours of the Depression, the shacks have been handed down through generations from the original builders, and the weekend communities continue to thrive against all odds. For decades, authorities challenged the rights of the ‘shackies’, and tore down many shacks. The fiercely proud community resolved to fight.

Craig, Jamming with Larry Graham

Jamming with my Inspiration, Larry Graham at The Basement Sydney 2014

Up Close and Personal - Original Artist showcase

Craig Calhoun opening the "Up Close & Personal" Original Artist showcase performances in an intimate theatre space - Live from the Zenith Theatre in Chatswood, NSW Australia

"Drum Rich" TV Commercial

TV Comercial 

Fire 44 - TV Commercial

TV Commercial

Leading Edge - TV Commercial

TV Commercial

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