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Sunday October 27th from 4-7pm

Burgers & Beats -Orange Grove Hotel:

a family friendly Funk Sighting will take place fortnightly!

Craig Calhoun- Bass&Vocal,Declan Kelly-Drums&Vocal, Eric Rasmusse-Guitar&Vocal.

Aykho Akriff Congas & Percussion

Sat Nov 23, 116 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest

Music@Street Market Asian Tapas Restaurant -

Thursday Dec 19th Frankies Pizza - 

50 Hunter St.CBD  9:00pm-11:00pm

Live Performance Dates

Craig Calhoun &The Brothers of Oz - 25 years!


Craig Calhoun & The Brothers of Oz. The band has become somewhat of an institution.

"As you can imagine, it's very difficult to sustain and keep a consistent lineup of

musicians unless you're in a position to offer retainers for live performances.

So I adopted a different approach. By using top musicians that can cope with

'being thrown into the deep end I can draw heavily upon their creative talent". 


"'Deep end?' Often when a musician is approached to perform with me they are

given a rough list of what songs may get played. There are NO rehearsal, and

on the night, NO set list.  I've found that the spontaneity is what makes every

performance so unique and allows each player to add their own flavour to the show."